About Bon Voyage


In July of 2016, Morgan decided she needed to gain new perspective from her everyday life so she booked a trip to Bali. During her time in Bali, she met some amazing people who really opened her eyes and also found the first Bon Voyage bag. A year later in June of 2017, Bon Voyage was open for business. 

Bon Voyage bags are handmade in Bali with organic materials strait from the trees of South East Asia. Each bag is carefully woven by the artist, baked in the oven to give it the tan glow, and then lined with beautifully printed fabric. The outer rattan shell is stain resistant and lightweight, making it the perfect bag for any occasion. Orders ship within 1 business day. Returns are accepted within 30 days from receipt. 
The Bon Voyage message is to remind you how strong and uniquely beautiful you are and to remember this every time you carry your bag.